About Our Business

Fortuna Optical Company is an independent, family- owned, full-service optical store located in
Marlton New Jersey.

At Fortuna Optical, we are committed to providing you with a large selection of today's best quality
products from around the world; unbiased product information  and excellent customer service.

As an independent optical shop, we take seriously our responsibility to provide you with objective advice
and consultation regarding the best lens for each Rx.  We are also authorized distributors of all major
lens brands.

We believe in constantly re-inventing our store, to keep it efficient and productive for the benefit of our
clients.  We are constantly updating our frame inventory with the newest eyewear to date.

We take pride in our finishing lab technicians' ability to handle all of today's more challenging work,
including drilled rimless and the ever-more-popular "wrap" style sunwear.  

At Fortuna Optical,  Dennis, Chris and Elizabeth are friendly, knowledgeable and are happy to help
answer your questions and find solutions to your toughest problems.
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